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Dyslexic awarded Lotto winnings!


The South African National Lottery has announced that they will be reassessing the terms and conditions of weekly Lotto draws to ensure that this sort of thing never happens again.
Feb 6, 2004
Brett Anderson

Dyslexic womanThe High Court yesterday found in favour of the plaintiff, Mia Fieth (nee Borrer), of 22 Budious Road, Observatory in her case against the National Lottery when it was concluded that only her disability had prevented her from winning, despite having known the right numbers.

After thirty-seven minutes of deliberation, a jury unanimously awarded her the million rand prize money saying that she had indeed come up with the correct numbers and it was only in selecting them from the lottery sheet that the dyslexia had caused her to fill in the wrong spaces.

Only her disability had prevented her from winning.

Mrs Fieth had correctly filled in the numbers 9 and 22 and it was fairly straightforward to see that she had filled in number 13 mistakenly as 31 and number 32 as 23 bit it was the last two numbers that caused the deep inquiry.

In fact it took expert testimony from Dr. Biff Borrer and a series of confusing logarythmical graph comparisons which he flipped through very quickly as he mumbled phrases like ‘regressive retination’ and ‘perpendicular digit-flipping’ to show how the other two numbers Mrs Fiethhad picked – 3 and 29 – were actually meant to be the numbers 17 and 39 respectively.

Dr. Borrer, in conclusion, said: ‘Ah yes, it is a very rare and specificised type of Dyslexia that we are dealing with here, not common to humans. With normal Dyslexia the person in their mind switches round digits or letters but with this brand which I will call Pulyorlegial Dyslexititis, that occurs as well but occasional additions and multiplications are also known to sometimes appear. By looking at the numbers Mrs Fieth blocked out and comparing it to the actual winning Lotto numbers, a trained professional like myself can see immediately that they are one and the same.’

Don Canhoostin, director of the South African National Lottery, was unavailable for comment. In a statement issued by the National Lotto,they have announced that they will be drawing up an extended form of terms and conditions to attach to the weekly Lotto drawings so that this kind of charade never happens again.

[Original source: anastrophe.co.za/sa_news/lotto_dyslexic.html]


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