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Ode to lotto players


To lotto players, near and far,
Wishing for fortunes, a home or a car,
Week after week, we strive for success,
Any prize will do, a jackpot no less,
Working with software, pencil or pen,
We’ll work those numbers, now and then,
Looking for systems, mystical and divine,
Rolling a dice or looking online,
No more black cats, you bring me bad luck,
Checking my numbers, not a hit, Oh f*ck!
At night in my bed, I think of a way,
To find the right system, one that will pay,
We have one thing in common, we see the glass half full,
Others may baulk and say it’s all bull,
Until that one day, when the big hit arrives,
We’ve got family and friends to brighten our lives.

Author: Oleksandr


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