• South Africa Lotto Results

    These results for the South African National Lottery (Lotto, Lotto Plus, Powerball, SportStake) are updated regularly, please check back. Related Articles:Lottery Scam Taskforce makes another arrest in St. James – rjrnewsonline.comrjrnewsonline.comLottery Scam Taskforce makes another arrest in St. … First Italian lotteryThe first recorded Italian lottery was held on January 9, 1449 in Milan to […]

  • Suid-Afrikaanse Lotery

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    Welcome to our redesigned website where you can play the South African Lottery and other National Lottos online. Instead of finding and traveling to a local vendor, and then standing in line to buy a lottery ticket, you instead play the lotto via the Internet from the comfort of your own home or computer (anywhere […]

If you don’t play, you can’t win


So Joe decided to win the lottery and he figured the best way to accomplish that was to pray every day. He was very religious, you see.

Without interruption, every morning at dawn, rain or shine, Joe would go into his backyard, spread his arms wide and say, “Dear God please let me win the lotto today.”

He did this continuously every day for two years. Nothing happened…

Then one morning as Joe stood there, praying and looking up at the heavens, the clouds parted and a beam of light engulfed him. A booming voice from the heavens said, “Hey Joe, meet me halfway on on this, will ya – please buy a ticket.”


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