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    These results for the South African National Lottery (Lotto, Lotto Plus, Powerball, SportStake) are updated regularly, please check back. Related Articles:How Mega Millions and Powerball manipulated the odds to create monster jackpotsBut the jackpot chasers typically emerge when they see the Mega Millions prize … Lottery jackpot hits A 69 million prize – and it […]

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    Want to play a National Lottery, but improve your chances of winning drastically? Related Articles:‘The Donald’ Tells Brits to ‘Make Lottery Great Again’ with Mega Millions $654m at CeleblottoStep forward, none other than a Trump lookalike. Mega Millions – the American … An Oregon Lottery player shows off their ticket in this file photo.A Tigard […]

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    Welcome to our redesigned website where you can play the South African Lottery and other National Lottos online. Instead of finding and traveling to a local vendor, and then standing in line to buy a lottery ticket, you instead play the lotto via the Internet from the comfort of your own home or computer (anywhere […]

U.S. Woman Wins $100,000 on her 1st-Ever Powerball Ticket


A Louisiana woman said her late husband's birthday earned her a $100,000 prize from the first Powerball ticket she ever purchased.

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