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Lotería de Navidad

Spain - El Gordo
Draw Date 19/08/2018 19:30 GMT
Draw Result 7;11;17;36;44 + 6
Next Draw Date...

The Spanish Christmas Lottery (officially, Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad), or simply called, Lotería de Navidad has been run every year in December since 1812.

It is considered to be the world’s biggest lottery, with prizes measured in Billions, not Millions!

Players benefit from the attractive 1-in-6.5 winning odds, and enjoy a 1-in-100,000 chance of winning the €4 million jackpot prize!

For la Lotería de Navidad, 100,000 tickets, with pre-determined numbers (ranging from 00000-99999) are printed, in 160 identical copies.

In addition, tickets are made up of 10 shares each, purchasable separately.

That means, there will be 160 million available shares for players (100,000 tickets x 160 copies x 10 shares)!

You too, can enjoy Christmas in Spain by participating in this Billion-Dollar lotto. Can you really just ignore this chance?



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