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    These results for the South African National Lottery (Lotto, Lotto Plus, Powerball, SportStake) are updated regularly, please check back. Related Articles:PowerballLatest Result: 4-20-34-39-58+31Next Jackpot: $ 132,000,000Draw date: … Oct 5, 2013: Changes to Lotto game start todayFrom Saturday, October 5th, there will be more ways to win more money.Lotto … Fraud Watch: Social media scams […]

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    Want to play a National Lottery, but improve your chances of winning drastically? Related Articles:Oz LottoDraw date: 2016-03-01Draw Result: 20-30-32-27-3-41-5+40+15Next Jackpot: Au$ … Powerball numbers: Did you win Saturday’s $74 million lottery jackpot?Feeling lucky? The latest Powerball drawing offers another hefty jackpot for … Municipal Credit Union CEO Steals Millions; Blows Most Of It On […]

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    Welcome to our redesigned website where you can play the South African Lottery and other National Lottos online. Instead of finding and traveling to a local vendor, and then standing in line to buy a lottery ticket, you instead play the lotto via the Internet from the comfort of your own home or computer (anywhere […]

Birthday boy bought winning lottery ticket in Richmond – ” moments after retiring


It's that age-old question that circulates the office; do you come to work the next day after winning the lottery? Well, it's a dilemma that Ping Kuen Shum doesn't have to contemplate – after buying a winning $2 million, BC/49 Lottery ticket in Richmond on Saturday after his final day at work. And to top it all off, it was also Shum's birthday: It doesn't get much better than that.

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